Quick afternoon hike


We took Sadie and the Westy out for more off-leash practice at Sycamore Grove. It’s the site of Olivina winery. It was one of the first in California.

One of my Christmas presents, already paid for itself as we had to jump the Westy to get home. I thought it was the starter, but I’m starting to think it’s something to do with the battery.

Sadie found a hole


Old walnut trees

Olive grove


Off the couch ride


I took a break from my sinusitis pity party long enough to squeeze in a ride today. I was getting cabin fever something fierce. We’re really lucky to have such great terrain practically in our backyard. These shots are from my ride. They’re typical of South Livermore, a burgeoning wine region.

Under the bridge


Mountain scar

Arroyo Mocho


Under the bridge

Arroyo Mocho

Del Valle

Trail Ride

My legs ran out before the dam.



I saw these two gems of the 70s today a Subaru Brat and an AMC Sportabout. When I was a kid we had a red Sportabout. The car got totaled in in a 4 car pile up in Macomb, IL. My brother and I were bounced off the back seat as it folded down. My mom smacked her head on the windshield. Luckily, she had her hair in a bun.I know we were heading somewhere that day, but our plans were obviously scrapped.

I’m amazed to see any AMC cars still out in the wild.

70s Gems