Google Ad Words

I just received an email from Google promoting an event where they’re featuring a panel of industry visionaries and experts to talk about Ad Words. They’re all from well known brands.

I get why Google does stuff like this. Big brands are big spenders and this is more payback in the form of ego stroking. Seeing names like LEGO, Chase, and McDonald’s is impressive. But I also get the basic gist of Ad Words. You pay to have your ads show up when people search on different words and phrases. The goal is to pick related words to your product or ones your competition might use, to drive search traffic to your ad.

So, why in the hell is McDonald’s spending any money on Ad Words? Do they literally think there exists a human being out there Googling “hamburger” or “Big Mac”, even “Whopper?” And even if they were, why in the world would they want to attract that kind of moron, let alone encourage them to leave their house?

Screenshot from an email I received from Google.
I’m not sure Google and I agree on what the word “visionary” means