Dog Breeds

I love animals, I always have. I grew up with pets. At any given time, we had cats, dogs, fish, an occasional hamster. My mom was always into high-maintenance pets. The furrier the better, and she had allergies. We had a couple Samoyeds, a Chow, and a Persian cat. Technically they all lived at different times but their fur accumulated over the years, that if felt like we had them all at once.

Our Sammy was called Sarah Lee. She was this big ball of white fur. They love two things; people and killing other animals. They always look like they’re smiling, which makes them even more psychotic.

It’s like owning a cartoon bear Imagine if Hanna Barbera did a reboot of Yogi Bear directed by Quentin Tarrantino.

Hey Boo Boo, is that Snagglepuss? Watch this.

Sarah Lee was so fast and efficient. She killed a skunk, before it had a chance to spray here.

Our other dog, Louie, was the Chow. He was like the opposite of Sarah Lee. He was a big ball of black fur, about half her size, and hated people. He never hurt our cat, but he bit plenty of people. This was back in they days when your dog bit someone, you just paid the emergency room bill and everything went back to normal.

For the longest time, I just thought dogs are dogs. Their breed dictates their personality. Certain breeds are just born vicious and that’s why you buy them.

Pit Bulls for the longest time scared the shit out of me. But so did their owners. When Pit Bulls became a thing, in the mid 80s, the only people that owned them were hillbillies, and various assortments of trash. They were bred for dog fighting – an incredibly cruel and sick sport.

It wasn’t until I got my own dogs as an adult that I learned that most dogs are capable of being docile and friendly. Mean and dangerous are taught. Kind of like people. Cesar Milan, the dog trainer of celebrities, has taught this lesson to millions of people.

I have since met many pit bulls that are just as sweet as a golden retriever.

There are places now that are considering banning certain dogs by breed. Seems to me, that it would make more sense to ban types of owners.