Bad Apples

Can we please stop using the expression “One Bad Apple”, especially when talking about the police? While I’ve never known a rogue cop, personally, I can name plenty of examples where there has been more than one bad apple.

For one thing, we don’t to use that excuse, so why should they? The police motto is “to serve and protect” not “cut us some slack.” When I get pulled over for speeding, I’ll try saying, “hey, just because some other guy lost control and killed a bunch of people on the highway, that’s just one bad apple. I think you should let me slide.”

The other annoyance is misrepresenting the argument made about defunding the police. It’s bad messaging for sure, because it’s lifted from conservatives who try to defund everything they disagree with. Some people would be fine with eliminating the police altogether, most don’t. Maybe we could start with de-militarizing them and that would take care of some of this problem. The one thing I would defund though is cop propaganda and cop hero-porn. Decades of movies and tv shows portraying cops as antiheroes has had a negative effect on society. People have developed a toxic level of empathy for bad behaviors, because they themselves identify with a conceit of movie fiction.