Josh Rouse at City Winery Chicago

Josh Rouse Band at City Winery Chicago

We went with our friends Pat and Rina to City Winery to check out the Josh Rouse show. Rouse has been around long enough to have amassed a decent body of work. It’s all singer/songwriter stuff, so the venue was perfect.

Rina was fascinated with groovy moves of the bass player who seemed to be listening to his own soundtrack. After the show his band was hanging out in the lobby and I managed to get some pics with us and said bass player.


Ever since they banned smoking in venues in Chicago, the experience has become more civilized. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about that. For this show, it was perfect. Had it been somewhere and someone else, I’m not so sure. All the clubs in town seem to be morphing towards the similar micro-brew-pub motif.