I saw these two gems of the 70s today a Subaru Brat and an AMC Sportabout. When I was a kid we had a red Sportabout. The car got totaled in in a 4 car pile up in Macomb, IL. My brother and I were bounced off the back seat as it folded down. My mom smacked her head on the windshield. Luckily, she had her hair in a bun.I know we were heading somewhere that day, but our plans were obviously scrapped.

I’m amazed to see any AMC cars still out in the wild.

70s Gems

Blackhawk Cars n Coffee August 6, 2017


My son and I headed to Blackhawk, CA. It’s a very very affluent town at the base of Mount Diablo. We met up with my buddy Jordan for their monthly Cars n Coffee show. As usual, there were some amazing cars there. For me the best part of these shows aren’t the super cars and high-end luxury. It’s the old cars, and the mint condition SUVs and oddities.

I drove up in the Westy and popped the top. Before too long we were one of the big attractions as well. Here are some shots.

VW Bus lowered

Datsun 510 wagon

Porsche Spider

Porsche Spider

International Scout


Tokyo Drip

Chevy Bronco

Sweet interior bench in the back of a Chevy Blazer

Ford Bronco

Pace Arrow hood ornament

Packard Interior

40s Packard Woody with 3 rows