The Shape of Water


The last movie I saw in theaters was “Hidden Figures”. That means I don’t get out enough, or I won’t see anything unless it has Octavia Spencer in it. We checked out “The Shape of Water” at our local arthouse theatre. It’s one of those places that serves alcohol and food while you watch.

Overall, I dug the movie. It was Guillermo Del Toro had written, directed, and produced “Splash” meets “E.T.” The plot was predictable, but the scenery and attention to details recreating an early sixties cold war vibe worked. I especially liked the ratty apartment above the Balitmore theater Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins characters lived in.


Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer

As for the actors, Octavia Spencer’s character was a 60s cliché, Sally Hawkins was corny, but effective, and Richard Jenkins was a decent funny sidekick (I still can’t think of him as anything but the dad in Stepbrothers).

The best performance was Michael Shannon who just looks like he was drawn as a villain for a comic book.


Michael Shannon

The movie is worth seeing whether you like special effects or weird human on humanoid action.