What I learned this week November 14, 2015


Evidently, it doesn’t take much to be an exec at Taco Bell, but they do have some standards.

Jeb Bush said, given the chance, he would kill baby Hitler. He just needs to make sure Ben Carson hasn’t already done it.

Crayola will ensure the drapes match the carpet with their line of adults coloring books.

Jerry Jones is more than happy to get into a long-term relationship with Greg Hardy despite the risks of getting smacked around.

The porn industry shows just how easy it is to get right wingers on their side, by saying something is a “threat to jobs.”


What I learned this week November 7, 2015


You can’t spell Chipotle without e coli.

They shouldn’t be blowing up the old Bay Bridge before they’re sure the new one isn’t going to fall down.

Maybe the US should look into sending Iran asterisks, or introducing them to the footnote so we know what they really mean.

John Boehner wasn’t the only former Speaker of the House who left a stench.

Ben Carson demonstrates that Egyptology, and agriculture for that matter, ain’t brain surgery.

What I’ve learned this week October 31, 2015


You shouldn’t let townies become cops in the place they grew up.

Jeb! the most likable Bush is is unelectable for the GOP.

Smoking meat is almost as bad for you as smoking tobacco.

Shigella isn’t the latest Latin pop star, but it will move your booty.

Turns out getting cryogenically frozen, won’t bring you back to life later, if it kills you now.