Always be closing

Godaddy, the gargantuan ISP, makes my skin crawl. Their smarmy marketing tactics really cheapen the Internet. Okay, I find that last comment pretty laughable too. I’ve known plenty of people who used them, but I felt like they didn’t know any better.

Recently, I became a customer. I needed an SSL certificate and their price was too hard to beat. So I signed up. Setting one of these things up is non-trivial, so I had to call customer service – something I hate doing. I have to admit their service was great. They were quick and helpful on the call, but their immediate follow-through impressed me most.

Something I have noticed with them in the month I’ve been their customer is they’re always trying to close a sale. Every email, phone call, correspondence – whatever touchpoint you can think of – they’re working it.

The irony is the thing that bugged me most about Godaddy is now the singular thing I respect about them. Funny thing, it works. I have actually taken them up on a couple offers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shilling for them. I confess I still feel pretty dirty using them. But as a business owner, I have got to hand it to them for just having their shit wired tight on this particular tactic.