13 Signs You Might be a Lifehacker

  1. You won’t eat something unless it has a barcode.
  2. You only read articles written as top 10 lists.
  3. You scrapped your Arduino Cat Feeder project because your Raspberry-PI just showed up.
  4. You have an app called scatterplot that literally charts your bowel movements.
  5. You haven’t gotten laid in 653 days 12 hours 17 minutes and 14, 15, 16… seconds.
  6. You spent $1300 at Ikea to improve a $99 desk.
  7. You have never poached an egg because you’re still not sure of the best technique.
  8. You are going to spend this weekend consolidating your to-do lists, and next weekend segmenting it.
  9. You fail to see the irony of getting nothing done in the name of Getting Things Done.
  10. You shaved 2 seconds off the time it takes to fold a t-shirt.
  11. You only wear t-shirts.
  12. You use GitHub for your Tweets.
  13. You seek advice on how to seek advice.