Cheap Sunglasses

I lost another pair of sunglasses yesterday. I bought them 4 days ago to wear for running and biking, and didn’t spend a lot. For anyone keeping track, that’s 2 pairs in 2 months.

Funny thing is 4 days is not my record for losing a pair. My best PTL (purchase to lost) record was about 10 years ago. I picked up a pair at Walmart down at the beach in North Carolina. I almost walked out of the store without paying for them because they were on my head. I had forgotten they were there and had been carrying other stuff. I can’t imagine anything more humiliating than getting caught shoplifting at a Walmart.

Within an hour, we were on the beach. I was in the surf and bam, a wave knocked the $11.98 specials right off my face. There was no chance of finding them.

I typically don’t spend more than 19 dollars for sunglasses because of this omen. However, last year, I did splurge for a really nice pair in Ventura, CA. They’re the ones in my Facebook profile. My family was placing bets on how long it would be before I lost or broke them. I was walking along the rocks on the beach, again, glasses on my head. I looked down and boing boing boing. They bounced into a crevice instead of the water. My luck ran out with that pair as they are now sitting in a drawer with a missing screw.

At least there’s still a chance I can salvage them.