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No, Apple Is Not Creating 20,000 Jobs Because of the Tax Bill

No, Apple Is Not Creating 20,000 Jobs Because of the Tax Bill

The company’s press release appeared to be pandering to the White House.


I think a lot of people want to believe Tim Cook is some kind of benevolent leader because he shares many of their social values. You have to remember, he’s an operations and money guy first and foremost. That means he gets to subjectively apply reason and logic whenever it comes to paying Apple’s fair share of corporate taxes. “Hey, who’s to say what’s fair? What we did was perfectly legal.”

Never mind they’ve exploited a loophole written for multinational corporations by multinational corporation’s lobbyists.

“So technically, I guess you could say we’re doing the right thing. Besides, we can’t have the government interfering in our free-market system. THAT would be unfair.”

I think it’s pretty simple logic. Apple expects US to pay full price for their products. We should expect them to pay US full price on taxes. I guarantee you, if someone were offering their products for less than MAP (minimum advertised pricing), or counterfeiting, they’d expect the government to intervene like stink on shit.