Eating in Season

For those of you interested in eating food, I started a little side project called “Eating in Season.” It’s a food blog. Horribly unoriginal, I know.

This will be different I promise. For starters, I’m not a single gal in Brooklyn and I am not a foodie. For kicks, I thought I would try to eat one meal a week that was entirely based on food that was in season. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be growing a garden, or foraging in the woods for nettles in the lean winter months. Instead, I’m going to try and avoid food that isn’t in season at particular times of the year.

I’m doing this to focus on the quality of food and the experience of eating more than anything else. Sure, there are other angles like the benefits of organics and the environmental impacts of the large agri-business system, but so many other people are already hoeing that row (bad pun I know).