Karma is a Bitch


Okay, I’m sorry.

I have been bragging way too much about California weather since moving back here from Chicago 3 years ago. When we moved here, California was suffering an epic drought that appears to be over. As I type this, I actually heard thunder, something rare in these parts.

Shitty Bay Area Weather news.

Since January it has been raining all the time. While I could Google the stats and be official, I’d guess that we’ve had 85 days of rain out of the last 100. Today, the rain is especially annoying because it’s starting and stopping every hour. Just when you think we’re done, it starts again.

Granted, this is a shitty topic for a blog post, but I felt the need to apologize.

The last time I lived out here was the El Niño of 1997-98 and this has totally surpassed it for rainfall. I vaguely remember it being bigger news back then. The news about this winter’s rain has been tempered by the drought. We’ve needed relief so badly people are taking this in stride.

Eventually, it’ll stop and we’ll enter our 6-7 month dry spell and I’ll have forgotten what all this fuss was about.

Image courtesy of SFGate Website.