Not to jinx it

After finishing 2017 with the double whammy of a cold followed by a sinus infection, 2018 by comparison, is off to a decent start. I have been getting out to the gym and even set up some stuff in the garage for those days I don’t feel like making the short drive.

I feel like I haven’t read a book, magazine or newspaper since we got the new dog. You can’t sit still for a second. If you do, she’ll dart off her mat at your throat or start chewing on the rug, the sofa, the coffee table. Fortunately, she’s been minimally destructive. I know it could be way worse.

One of the secondary benefits of having the dog is I’m taking more long walks. We live a few blocks from our downtown, so walking the dog is a convenient excuse to hit the coffee shop or walk around to see what’s happening. Billy loves walks, Sadie is just starting to get into them.