Physical therapy starts today. The swelling has gone way done and the pain has become more of an ache. My range of motion is decent, but it stiffens up and can be quite sore to move. I hope it won’t be too painful later today.

I have taken to wearing a knee brace on the outside of my pants to go along with the crutches. I don’t need it for support, it’s so people believe me when I sit in a priority seat on BART.

Two weeks ago, I learned the hard way that sitting in those seats will get you ripped a new one. I was in a priority seat on a crowded train, reading when a 60-something woman boarded. There isn’t a unit of time small enough to measure how quickly I was scorned – not by her, but other passengers. She and I established eye contact and after a polite exchange of non-verbal cues, traded places. She, rightfully, got a seat while I took my place standing among the eye rollers and cluckers who turned their backs on me and smiled at her.

Mind you, those seats are for anyone as long as someone else doesn’t need them. But the least people can do is give me a chance to be an asshole before implying I am one.

Granted, I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I just can’t stand that some people were smugly patting themselves on the back for merely being indignant. You know damn well they got more satisfaction out of me losing the seat than the older woman getting to sit down.