The real, no seriously, I mean it, real lesson of Sheryl Sandberg’s book

I have no intention of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”. It’s not because I think assertive women are bitches. It’s because the world doesn’t need another piece of ghost-written business porn telling the rest of us how it’s done.

It’s like when Seal and Heidi Klum split? They were the perfect couple, they had it all. What hope did the rest of us have if they couldn’t make it? If you could relate to that, then you shouldn’t have any problems identifying with Sheryl Sandberg in her book.

While it has sparked a national debate, it’s easy to forget it’s just another business book. And like all popular business books, it’s written by a winner. By all counts, Sandberg is one. Success in business is measured by how much money you have made, not how you made it.

If anything this book is for people who want to chose work over family, but need to look cerebral about their decision. If you struggle with the life-work-family balancing act, I don’t know how you could possibly take her seriously.