Westy Woes

For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing a battery drain on the Westy. Originally, I thought it was the starter, but it fires right up with a jump start. This Christmas, I received a sweet portable charging station that includes; jumper cables, power outlets, an inflator, and USB ports. It’s really handy because now I can drive places and not worry about asking for a jump.

Gotta love the easy access to the battery.

I also replaced the window handles, again! It’s been a long-time coming, but GoWesty finally came out with their own industrial strength window handles. The ones I bought before were total pieces of shit. They literally snapped off in your hand with just a little pressure. They were so cheap I bought 8 of them and kept them in van. Before that, I had a small vice grip handy.

These better be the last handles I have to buy.

Last spring, my buddy Nick broke a handle off. He didn’t want to say anything thinking I might lose my shit. I whipped out my cordless drill and one of my spare handles and we were back in business.

Hopefully these new ones last. They better, they’re $40 a piece versus $4.99 for the others.