Winter Mehs

It’s foggy here today. It feels like winter is coming, not retreating. Despite that, I’ll take January in Northern California any day over Chicago.

In California, the holiday season and winter seem to end at the same time; right around 4:30 on Christmas Day. Everything is over. You’ve opened the presents and eaten a gluttonous meal. Instead of lying on the couch, you go for a hike or a walk outside – because you can.

In Chicago, it’s not like that at all. 4:30 Christmas Day is a downer. It’s like someone flips a switch. The holiday cheer peters out and the worst part of winter is just getting started. I only looked forward to snow during November and December when I lived there. After the first or second week of January, it was time to wrap it up. Instead of going outside on Christmas day, I would stare at the outdoor gear I received as gifts. They’d sit in that gift box, folded with tissue paper hanging off the side, mocking me because I couldn’t do anything until April, if I was lucky.

I used to be one of those idiots that talked about cold weather building character. Not anymore.