Wrap-up for the week ending March 2, 2013

What a week we had…

  • The Sequester, or blunt budget cuts across the board resulting in people losing their jobs and services went into effect Friday.
  • Sinkholes, sinkholes, sinkholes. Some poor guy in Florida lost his life after one opened up underneath his bedroom.
  • In what appears to be her first actual CEO-like move, Marissa Mayer calls for an end to telecommuting at Yahoo! to get the company’s collective shit together.

The Sequester seems like a big deal. Congress and Obama just let it happen. More signs that no one is interested in governing. Glad to see we the people could come up with billions of dollars in campaign donations to keep these folks employed, but they can’t be bothered to do the same for us.

Sinkholes are interesting, but not enough to crowd out other news topics as they have on CNN. I don’t watch it, but I do read their RSS feed. Literally, 4 out of 10 entries were about sinkholes this morning. It’s ironic to me, because “sinkhole” is an apt metaphor for CNN.

While I’m not as enamored of Marissa Mayer as some, she did go up a few notches in my book this week. It’s not whether telecommuting is all bad or all good (it’s relative). It’s because she made a decision that made her unpopular. Up until now, the only thing I’ve ever seen her do well is manage her personal brand. Making a tough and unpopular decision like this at least looks like something a serious CEO does. Maybe she needed everyone back at the office so they too could finally make their “Harlem Shake” video.