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Stuff I’m working on

Currently working on a very large e-commerce solution 

Launching a production company focused on comedy performances and training

Reigniting my passion for drawing and fine art

Relearning guitar, bass, and piano

Stuff I have worked on

Co-founder of Cola, the first open messaging platform the we subsequently sold to Layer, Inc. in January of 2017. I have been chronicling that adventure here.

For 15 years, I ran a product design and strategy company in Chicago called Idea Momentum. We did some really cool work for some amazing clients.

I worked at Apple Computer on some of their most exciting and notorious products including the iMac, G4, iTunes, and the Newton.

My first startup was a company called Postini (originally called SafeStamp) and we invented the Spam Filter and a few more things.

I used to teach a course on prototyping that I developed for The Institute of Design in Chicago. 

I was a research assistant at the University of Illinois where I studied the effects of collaborative technologies on group communication. The findings we presented to the Mosiac team at NCSA. 

Stuff I find interesting

I really dig camping, cars, comedy, concerts, plus other things that don’t begin with the letter C.

I read a lot of books about history, productivity, and short stories.

I still watch “Seinfeld” reruns even thought I subscribe to every streaming service and have a monster cable package.