Big Basin State Park

We got the Westy back from the shop Friday afternoon. It’s noticeably better than before. We had some major suspension work done, the cooling system replaced, and new brakes. She still rides like a taco truck, and tops out around 71mph. We didn’t buy her for the ride, but as a destination.

Saturday afternoon, we took her for a practice run up the Santa Cruz mountains to Big Basin State park. There some friends of ours were camping for the weekend. The ride took about an hour longer than if we drove a car. I’m not usually the one pulling to the side on mountain roads to let people go buy. This trip I had to do it about 3 or 4 times.

We ended up staying a lot later than expected and left the park in the pitch dark around 9:30. The snaking, twisty ride down 236 to 9, down to Saratoga is not for the meek or easily car sick.

It was totally worth the drive and we’ve added the park to our list of future campsites.

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