I started watching Deadwood, the TV show on HBO last night. I don’t exactly know why other than I just listened to Marc Maron interview Tim Olyphant on WTF.

I’m intrigued by that era and part of America because it was such a contrast. East of the Mississippi was fairly civilized by 1870. But all you had to do was cross that river and you’d go back 100 years.

There are few movies and shows that capture what it must have really been like back then. The two that come to mind are “The Revenant” and the Cohen Brothers version of “True Grit.”

The former captured the brutality and the latter the language. HBO’s Deadwood is lacking a little in both. First, I find it hard to believe everyone was dropping the F-bomb so liberally back then. I’m sure they were coarse people, but they had to have better profanity for that timeframe. Second (and this could be said about all modern westerns), they do a great job of making the men look haggard and filthy with their crooked yellow teeth and stubbled faces. Meanwhile, the whores all look like they’ve been getting to the gym.