Future home of SRAM and Google Chicago

1K Fulton is the new name for an old building in the meat packing district of Chicago. Well, they still do plenty of meat packing in the area, but over the last few years, the area has become a hot spot for other businesses. Until recently the building was a massive cold storage building, but now it’s going to be home to Google’s local offices and the headquarters for SRAM the bicycle parts company.

Before, During, and After

Google will definitely be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, but the cooler tenant is SRAM. I can’t confirm where now, but I read they are going to have a velodrome in their office. That will be really cool.

They didn’t tear down the original building. Instead they dismantled it. In the process they uncovered some really cool ice formations. For more than 90 years the building was used as a cold storage building and the build up of ice formed stalagmites and stalactites.