Hardest, Best, Easiest, Worst Jobs I ever had so far…

The hardest job I ever had was System Engineer for Apple’s Higher Education division. It required a lot of superficial knowledge about technologies I couldn’t care less about. My boss was tough. Every time I walked by her office, she’d call me in to dress me down about something. After having my own business and managing people, I have to admit I appreciate what she must have gone through managing me.

The hard part was being unmotivated to learn things like VMS and Netware. In addition, me and the team were expected to be like our teammate. He was an incredible suck-up who had nothing better to do than study everything and patronize the rest of us. My buddy said it best. This guy was an inch deep, and a mile wide. I’ll never forget that expression.

The best job so far, was head of Creative Markets for Apple. I kid that working at Orange Julius at Eastland Mall in Bloomington was the best. It was only the easiest. I liked it because it demanded very little of a 17 year old. At that point in your life, what more could you ask?

I got to meet a lot of people doing interesting things when I worked at Apple. I loved it because I was motivated and met a lot of people doing interesting things. The biggest challenge was working for a VP with a screw loose. On the other hand. The guy who hired me for the job, Chris Gulker, was awesome. I’ll miss him. Sadly, Chris died of a brain tumor a couple years ago.

My worst job lasted only a couple days. It started out as a job at Hometown Video in Normal, IL. I worked one or two nights at the store, and the owner’s wife asked if I was interested in picking up some extra hours working on the house they were building outside of Lexington. It was huge and you could tell it was taking forever.

The owner was a fat asshole in a cowboy hat. It was menial tasks. The best part of the job was riding around on an ATV. There was a small A-frame house on the property where the owner kept a large stash of porn out in the open. They were one of those unbalanced couples. She was out of his league, and he was just a slob. I suppose they had some money, because acted like a big shot.

I might have lasted two or three days, when I realized I wasn’t getting any hours at the video store again. The job was a ruse to get people to work on the cheap. One afternoon, I drove the ATV over some freshly sprouting grass. When Boss Hog saw the treads, he lost it. I don’t recall his actual words, but he sent me home. I don’t recall if I was fired, or quit. I never showed up again.