If I could be any rock star

If I could be any rock star in any place and time, it would have to be Michael Anthony of Van Halen. He was a member of (at least at one moment in time) the biggest god damn band in the whole wide world, fucking-eh. All he really had to do was show up and count to four.


I know it might seem like there are more compelling choices, but think about it. I’m not talking about singers, or songwriters, or musical stylists. I’m saying ROCK STAR. That means, chicks, and money, and cars, and…well you get the picture. He got all that, and then some. And yet, unlike the rest of his bandmates – Eddie, Alex, and especially David LEE Roth – he could walk amongst us completely unnoticed, because he looks more like a Van Halen fan than a member of the band. He doesn’t even look like a roadie.

It must have been awesome to be him. He could have a few beers and a smoke in the parking lot of the Houston Astrodome with some buds. Then it’s showtime. I do wonder if he ever had a hard time getting back stage.