Knee post-op post

A little over five years ago, I completely ruptured my left ACL skiing. We were at Granite Peak outside of Wausau, Wisconsin. Not exactly the kind of place great ski stories unfold.

I took a steep hill too fast and one ski went under the other. I’m not sure which direction my knee went, but I envisioned something like a drumstick being ripped off a rotisserie chicken.

This month, I finally had surgery to fix my knee and I’ve been laid up for the past week recovering. The process has been better than expected. I start physical therapy next week. I’m on crutches, though I can actually walk pretty well without them.

All told, I should be back to 100% and able to ski and everything else within 6-9 months. It depends on who you ask. The doctor says less, but the physical therapist says longer.