Mount Everest

I’ll say this anyway, but does anyone really give a shit whether you climbed Mount Everest or not? So many people have done it with the help of modern technology and a lot of money, that it’s hardly the hill anyone needs to die on anymore.

John Krakauer’s, “Into Thin Air” is a great book, but casts a pretty negative light on those who chose, or can afford to ascend the top of that mountain.

How big a deal can it really be these days? We know it can be done. It’s like people who run tons of marathons. Once you run one, everyone pretty much believes you can run 2, 3 or a 100.

My favorite tragedy was Steven Fossett. He was the guy who kept trying to go around the world in a hot air balloon by himself. He eventually did it, but it wasn’t like Phileas Fogg in a wicker basket. He had this super high tech gondola that looked like a lunar capsule attached to a gigantic balloon. When you saw it, you’d think well of course he go circumnavigate the globe in that!

Sadly, Fossett died in a plane crash in the Sierra Nevada mountains and they couldn’t find his body for months. When he died, I remember someone saying, “at least he died doing what he loved.” Which technically isn’t true. He loved flying, crashing is what killed him.