New floors for the Westy

This weekend we took on installing laminate flooring in the Westy to make it feel more homey. I’m pleased with the results. Next I’ll be taking on some smaller detail pieces like new mirrors, lift struts, and curtains. The new bumpers are in, so I’ll be getting them installed next week. After all this, it’ll be as good as newish.

We picked up a damaged pack of tongue and groove laminate from Lowe’s for $9.50 and a discounted roll of foam underlayment. A couple of the pieces were dinged on the end, but I knew I’d be cutting that part off. We went with the rustic “Tavern Oak” so it wouldn’t look like a dining room.

I was going to take out the original floor. It’s an uneven surface due to the rails for additional seats. Instead, I left it because underneath was more uneven. Plus, taking it out would have meant ruining it. It wouldn’t be easy to replace, or cheap. Also, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of removing the cabinets.

There’s about 4 mm of clearance between the cabinets and the existing floor. Most flooring is 7 to 8 mm so it won’t go under. To make it look finished I bought some quarter round.

The dimensions of the floor is about 47″ x 49″. There were 8 pieces of flooring about 7.6″ wide and 50″ long in the pack. It took 7 pieces, but I had to cut off about 5″ lengthwise on the last piece.

All told, it took about two and a half hours with the help of my son. It looks great and for anyone wondering. Yes, you can install flooring in a Westy without removing the cabinets. Out the door, this little project cost less than $50.

1 box, 8 pieces of laminate flooring $9.50 ($27.00 retail)
12′ of quarter round trim $13.00
Finishing nails $3.50
Roll of underlayment $13.00 ($26.00 retail)

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