Point Reyes Drive

We took a little drive up to Marin County yesterday. We needed to do some exploring. We went up 580 and over the Richmond bridge and came down through Point Reyes. It was raining most of the way, but it stopped and the sun peeked out when we got to Stinson Beach.

We finished the drive taking Highway 1 down through the city and grabbed dinner at Mel’s diner on Lombard. Originally, I just wanted to stop somewhere for coffee and pie. I checked on the Super Bowl and realized there was no need to hurry home.

We drove through some beautiful terrain that reminded me of Ireland, but not as green and wider roads. Signs of the drought are everywhere. The Nicasio Reservoir was so low, you could see an old road that must have been there before they dammed it up. The inclement weather and Super Bowl meant the roads weren’t crowded.

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