Spot on

We’ve been binge watching HBO’s “Silicon Valley” since it became available on iTunes last week. I love this show. It’s so spot on in many ways, especially the characters.

Having lived out here off and on for the past 20 years, I’ve seen pretty much every archetype and lived through many of the scenarios depicted in the show. Some of those situations can only be funny if you’ve lived through them.

There are, and have been plenty of shows that try to capture what Silicon Valley is like, but this one gets it right because of Mike Judge not only pays attention to the details, but the right ones. He nailed “Office Space” 15 years ago, because the characters were stuck in the shitshow. They seem above it all, but they can’t, or won’t get out. That sounds like most of us.

Office life, like Silicon Valley, takes itself too way too seriously. It’s the people that buy into wholesale that seem to thrive even if they aren’t really getting ahead. Some asshole getting ahead while the rest of toil is universal theme a lot of us can relate to.