Showmentum Posters

Below is a collection of original posters for Showmentum, Inc. a production and event marketing company I started in 2019. Each poster was designed and created by Brian to give the shows their own unique brand.

Laughs in a Glass

3 Steves is a winery know for its award winning vintages and for being a fun place to hang out.

Showmentum produces a monthly show at the vineyard every year. Most of the shows are outside in the Livermore countryside. The area reminds one of Tuscany or Provence, and so the poster needed to feel like a classic advertising poster from Europe circa 1920s.


Adulted is an original comedy show that celebrates the Middle-Age of comedy. The show has been produced and performed at several locations.

The show covers topics close to the heart of Gen-Xers as the cross the rubicon of not needing to be hip, but still trying to be cool.

Laughs by the Barrel

Laughs by the Barrel was the first branded comedy series Brian produced for a winery.

Besides wine, Crooked Wine was known for a pair of giant, hand-carved German wine barrels. They served as the perfect backdrop for the comedy stage.

Wood Family Comedy Night

Wood Family Vineyards is one of Livermore’s shining stars of winemaking. Owner’s Rhonda and Mike are legends in and around town.

The barrel room at Wood Family serves as a great space to host comedy.

Comedy on the Bayou

Comedy on the Bayou was a series at Embodied Wine which had a permanent stage and a Cajun vibe.