Back in the Shop


I thought the Westy needed new brakes. On our first camping trip of the year, we went to Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains. On the way home coming down Route 9 the front brakes started smoking. I was riding them pretty hard and we had a full load.

Big Basin tent cabins

Hiding in the thicket.

She had a few nits like the flickering temperature light, a broken steering column cover, and short in the relay. While I had her at the Buslab, I bit the bullet and asked them to see if they could find anything else. The transmission needed service, the brushing were worn out, and the radiator needed to be replaced. Ironically, the one thing they didn’t need to do was replace the brakes just the brake hoses. The good new, it came in under the original estimate.

Buslab rescue buss

As I drove her to work from the shop, everything was humming along. The creaking was gone, the brakes had grip, and she was moving down the highway like a car and not a pushcart. About five miles from Berkeley, the oxygen sensor light came on. Shit! Shit! Shit! I got all the other lights off and now another one. At least it’s a fix I can do myself.

I don’t want to jinx it, but she’s in the best shape ever since we bought her 3 years ago.

### The Latest Upgrade

The latest addition was a roof rack for our kayaks. I put on extra-wide, 72″ Yakima bars and towers. Drilling into the fiberglass top was the second-most nerve-wracking job. Drilling into the metal to install the awning was the first. Now, she’s looking good, doncha think?

Some new stickers, and some old ones had to go.

Ready for the great flood.

A little top heavy

Kayak and Paddleboard