Unpleasant Pheasant


This past weekend, we took a drive to check out one of the colleges my son is considering. While he has had his license for a while, my son hasn’t done a lot of highway driving. So we let him drive for most of it.

The last leg of the trip was on a two-lane road. I could tell he was a little nervous because he would slow up a little when oncoming cars passed. A couple times he left off the gas as we passed through flocks of birds. I told him to just keep going. We’ll never hit the birds, they always get out of the way. I also said, when it comes to critters on the road, it’s us or them.

We crossed over a bridge, and two pheasants ran diagonally across the road. I blurted, “keep going,” and locked eyes with the one on the right who just barely made it. We hit the one on the left full-on. He bounced off the grill, then the windshield and finally rolled off onto the shoulder, leaving behind some muck the wipers couldn’t get off.

Once we got to town we stopped at a gas station and saw the grill had been cracked. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They’re decent sized birds. It was like hitting a chicken at 60 miles an hour.