Sea Otter Racing Stats


As mentioned earlier, I raced in the Sea Otter Classic two weeks ago. I was in Category 3, and an older age group, so it wasn’t the most competitive bunch. Here are the final stats.

Flat tires 1
Stops to put more air in tire 2
Wrecks 1
Time 1:45
Rank 34 / 38
Shoulder Separated
Ribs In tact, bruised
Damage to bike Front wheel warped, snapped wire
Repair costs
Lost Sunglasses 1 pair

I’m feeling much better today. My shoulder is a little sore and the bruised ribs still hurt a little. I just got word yesterday that my bike has been fixed and is ready for pick up.

I’m not going to stop riding, but I might quit racing.

Training Day 8


The first ride of the year found me riding to Del Valle regional park. The weather was awful, it was drizzly and cold. The wind was in my face all the way until my 1100 foot climb. After my 31 mile trip, I took my bike in for a tune up. I hope to get in a lot more miles this year. The last two have been pretty sad.

Post ride, I went to the gym for some weights, but really I wanted to soak in the hot tub and take a steam.

Activity Distance Time
Cycling 31 Miles 2:05:00
Weights 20:00

Tahoe and biking


I went up to Tahoe this past Sunday with my son and his friend. It’s pretty cool to be able to load up the car with bikes and be only 3 hours away from some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

There’s a place up there called Woodward my son wanted to go to. They have day and summer camps there where they’ll teach you all the extreme sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt bikes, and par core (sp?).

While the guys were busy doing flips and shit into foam pits, I went for a ride along the Donner Pass. I started down at the lake and road up to the Summit.

Donner Lake from the Summit

Donner Lake from the summit

Donner Summit

Donner Summit 7135 Feet

Woodward Skateboard Bowl

Woodward Skate Bowl

Woodward Foam Pits

Woodward Foam Pits

Donner Lake

Donner Lake through the trees

IMG_0232 (1)

Bridge near Donner Summit

Bike stold


Last night on my commute home from the city, I discovered some SOB had stolen my bike! I had a really sweet Bianchi that I bought less than a year ago. It was locked up inside the station so I figured it was secure enough. Everything was gone, the bike and the lock, so I have no idea how they got it. Freaking riff-raff.

I’ve never had a bike stolen in all the years I’ve been riding them and locking them up. My next bike is going to have one of those exploding dye packets like banks put in bags of money to thwart thieves.