Now that the Golden State Warriors are one of the best NBA teams ever, I’m interested in basketball. It’s like having the 90s Bulls around again. I love watching Steph Curry. He’s like one of the Globetrotters making everyone else look like a bumbling ass.

Even though I enjoy watching basketball, both college and pro, I freaking hate playing it. Of all the sports no one looks, or acts more douchey than someone playing basketball. For some reason, everybody that plays basketball thinks they’re great at basketball.

Most guys are total shit at basketball, yet don’t have any problem telling me not to take a shot, or to pass as soon as I get the ball. At my gym, you see all these frumpy middle age guys playing, thinking they’re pretty bad ass, and yet, like a pussy, they call every foul instead of just playing.

It’s like playing intramural sports back in college. There were all these guys who overcompensated for being cut from varsity sports back in high school who thought they knew what they were doing. Those guys have never moved on. Now, you’ll find them screaming up and down the sidelines or court side coaching your kids.

110 Mile Swim

What an incredible story of fitness and tenacity. After more than 5 separate attempts, Diana Nyad swam 53 hours and 110 miles from Cuba to Florida. That is incredible, and I don’t like to use that word lightly. I took up swimming a couple years ago after blowing out my knee skiing. It’s a great workout, but unlike running or cycling, the mile to hour ratio can be downright depressing. What impresses me even more about this feat is she did it all in open water.

Here’s the full story on the NYTimes website.