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Quincy | Netflix Official Site

Quincy | Netflix Official Site

This documentary profiles music and culture icon Quincy Jones, offering unprecedented access to his private life and stories from his unparalleled career.

Source: www.netflix.com/title/80102952

I started watching this last night on Netflix. it’s decent, as far as documentaries go. It’s worth watching just to see the depth and breadth of Quincy Jone’s work. His name is on everything from the 60s through 80s.

Spot on

We’ve been binge watching HBO’s “Silicon Valley” since it became available on iTunes last week. I love this show. It’s so spot on in many ways, especially the characters.

Having lived out here off and on for the past 20 years, I’ve seen pretty much every archetype and lived through many of the scenarios depicted in the show. Some of those situations can only be funny if you’ve lived through them.

There are, and have been plenty of shows that try to capture what Silicon Valley is like, but this one gets it right because of Mike Judge not only pays attention to the details, but the right ones. He nailed “Office Space” 15 years ago, because the characters were stuck in the shitshow. They seem above it all, but they can’t, or won’t get out. That sounds like most of us.

Office life, like Silicon Valley, takes itself too way too seriously. It’s the people that buy into wholesale that seem to thrive even if they aren’t really getting ahead. Some asshole getting ahead while the rest of toil is universal theme a lot of us can relate to.

Cutting the cord

I thought about cutting cable and starting fresh with our recent move. Not so easy. First, I switched to the other guys for broadband (not interested in giving free pub). I only wanted Internet, but couldn’t find a fast enough package that didn’t include television, so I took it anyhow. Meantime, the hard part of giving up cable isn’t TV withdrawal, but a whole new set of issues I didn’t anticipate.

I bought an Apple TV, but it doesn’t get Amazon Video. I have to use a Playstation with its obnoxious controller to watch things like “Alpha House”. The Apple TV is pretty cool, watching movings from the iTunes store comes with a 20-40 minute download penalty while Amazon streams, but can choke on buffering.

I know, this sounds like First World Problems, but on-demand all the time is a pain in the ass. The beauty of TV is you plunk down on the couch, turn it on and someone else does the driving. The paradox of choice just makes me anxious and I revert back to a steady stream of infomercials.

Nothing is more frustrating than paying 3 bucks for a TV show episode, only to find it for free on one of the 50 different online media services.

Lastly, everybody pretty much has the same selection of shit movies. Sure, I can pay $14 for some recent stuff, but when you’re already paying $9 here and $70 bucks there, you’d like to see some decent selection. I’m in luck if I want to see “Step Brothers” because it’s always on Netflix, Amazon, and Comedy Central.