Cold War Kids


Baby Boomers can claim they were cooler than their parent’s generation. But they could never claim to be tougher. Millenials, on the other hand, can’t claim either over Generation X.

I’ll use the classic video game Missile Command to make my point.

In the 80s the Cold War was still a thing and the US had a formidable foe in the Soviet Union.

Despite their wicked ways, even the Taliban couldn’t wipe us all off the map in one afternoon like the Ruskies.

So what were we doing for fun under the shadow of mutually assured destruction? Smoking cigarettes and shooting missiles with a shotput sized trackball before they nuked all the major metro areas. Eventually, the stream became a downpour. Game over. You lost, you failed. Everyone died. What did we do? Stand back and enjoy the mushroom cloud finale.

Do you realize how warped and twisted this is by today’s standard?

Granted, there’s┬áno shortage of violent video games today. But they’re mostly shoot and blow shit up. Everybody is some form of mercenary out to save their own ass. Oh and you get infinite lives. You never really lose. There’s no skin in the game, not even a lousy quarter.

Even though the enemy in Missile Command wasn’t stated, we knew who it was and what they wanted to do to us.

You could never have a game now and call it Al Qaeda. Despite their clearly stated desire to destroy us.