Smashed my driving finger

Yesterday I was driving home from the beach in the Westy with the dogs in back. I tried buckling them down on the bench seat because they slid around so badly on the drive up.

It was like that scene in Jackass where the guys were rolling skating in the back of a box truck.

At one point, I stopped and gave them ice water, and the little one, Billy threw up in the bowl.

I got about 3 miles into the drive and realized they were probably worse off because they would eventually try to get off the bench and end up strangling themselves. I pulled over in the town of Tomales. It’s just a wide spot in the road.

I left the van running and tried to rearrange the bench into a flat bed while trying to keep the dogs from bolting out of the van. Once I had them up on the bed, I closed the heavy sliding door on my middle finger.

In a brief moment of shock, I just looked at my finger and though, damn. Then I tried to pull it out, but nope, it actually clasped shut. So I had to reach over with my free hand and open it up.

injured finger

At first, it just looked a little smashed and blueish. Within seconds it started to bleed. The only business in Tomales is a bakery and they were closed. So I had to make due with whatever I had in the van cabinets. That happened to be the tail end of a roll of black duct tape and a dried out container of baby wipes. So I made a makeshift bandage and taped it super tight to stave off the bleeding. Just a enough to get home in 2 hours.

My treatment worked. The finger is all sealed up, but I’m not sure about internal injuries. The finger in general is in bad shape after I broke it or something a couple years ago when my hand got caught in a door handle while holding a leash. My bigger dog, Sadie, freaked out and bolted while my hand was still turning the handle.

It’s been a banner week for odd injuries. Last Wednesday, while playing with an Oculus Rift, I ran into a weight rack and took a gash out of my shin. That that weekend, I was shucking oysters, and managed to open all of them no problem. Then on the very last one, I slipped and jabbed a hole in my palm.

Who knows what’s next.