Arlington 500

This morning my buddies and I did 54 miles of the Arlington 500. It’s the first long ride of the year, but my legs were ready. We finished in just a minute or two over 3 hours. Dave led the way for most of it, which explains our good time. Like any good ride, the tailgating after is what I look forward to most.

Chicago Public Library Keynote

I was honored to give the keynote at this year’s in-service day for more than 900 Chicago Public Library employees. Deputy Commissioner Andrea Saenz and Commissioner Brian Bannon invited me to speak about creativity and explain why it’s important no matter what your job or role at the library. They’re implementing a lot of changes at the library and not everyone is crazy about it. It was my job to make them feel more comfortable about the changes ahead.

Unfortunately, you can’t the slides I painstakingly selected for this preso. My part starts at 19:48.