Made it

After four days of driving, we made it to our destination with daylight to burn. The weather along the way was perfect and traffic was light. The higher speed limits made a gig difference. I had the cruise control set around 80-ish most of the way.

How Much Should College Athletes Get Paid? – Businessweek

It’s all but inevitable that athletes will start getting paid—the only questions are how and how much. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of ideas floated, from the introduction of small stipends to the creation of a tightly regulated intercollegiate system with strict salary caps. But there’s another possibility: The best plan might very well be no plan at all. Or, if you prefer, it’s a plan called the free market.

It’s really hard to watch the cost of college skyrocket past everyone else’s reach to even entertain the idea of paying athletes in addition to scholarships. But I think there is some sense to it if done correctly.

I love college sports, but schools should just get out of the sports business. Don’t dump it, just outsource it…

  • Schools could sell the rights to their names to the highest bidders
  • Use the money from royalties for academics
  • Free market solution, let fans, sponsors, etc. pay the salaries through tickets and endorsements
  • Hire the best athletes, and if they want to go to your school charge them tuition

I’d rather see kids who want to go to college for and education and open up resources that are being wasted by athletes who are there only to play sports.

via How Much Should College Athletes Get Paid? – Businessweek.