John Muir’s home

Something I have been wanting to do since we got here was go see John Muir’s home up in Martinez. I didn’t really know much about him until we watched The National Parks – America’s Best Idea. I learned if it wasn’t for Muir, Yosemite would probably be an outlet mall with a watermark.

His home is a National landmark in the north part of the East Bay. It has been reduced to a smaller, parcel of land, but the house is still there. It’s an late 19th century 10,000 square foot Italianate mansion. It had many modern conveniences for it’s time. The house was actually built by his father-in-law. He didn’t buy it, he inherited it. Turns out, he was something of a savvy business man as well as a naturalist. He made a small fortune growing and selling fruit.