Harry Nilsson

I watched the 2006 documentary Who is Harry Nilsson…(And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)? over the weekend. I’m a sucker for rock documentaries, so I can’t objectively say whether this was all that good. If I learn something I didn’t already know about an artist or band, then I figure it was worth watching.

Nilsson sounds like he really did things his own way, even if it meant bigger success would elude him. He also had a reputation for partying, but not in the jerky rock star mode. More like a guy everyone wanted to hang out with.

You can see this movie on Netflix.

Hiking the ridge

I went for a five and a half mile hike by myself at Pleasanton Ridge. There was hardly anyone out there, I assume because of the 49ers game. It was nice to have the trails mostly to myself, though it did occur to me that I’d be up a creek if I feel or something.

Awning installed

The ShadyBoy arrived and I installed as soon as I got home from work.

Installation was straightforward, but the thing about drilling holes in sheet metal, you better be right the first time.

The nice thing about this model is it’s compact, about 4″ wide in the casing. Opened up its as wide as the Westy is long and deep. It can be cantilevered or supported in wind. How it holds up in blustery rain will be the real proof.