You’re First

I love semiotics, the study of meaning in symbols and signs. This one in particular is quite delightful. That subtle little fold tells me that I’m the first person to use this facility since it was last cleaned…I hope. God I hope.

The price of dignity

When you need to buy a suitcase at 8:36 pm on a Saturday night, where else you gonna go but TJ Maxx? It wasn’t until I got home that I realized what a huge bargain I had scored.

Are you bragging, or complaining?


Plan B

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m always working on something other than the thing I was working on the last time you talked to me.

Westy Upgrades

I have mid-level upgrades planned for the Westy this weekend. A couple will be tricky because they involve electricity. The rest should be pretty easy.

Here’s what I have on tap…

  • Replacing the horn with a more powerful airhorn
  • Replacing the manual sink pump with a SureFlo electric
  • Window crank
  • Replace the sliding door catch
  • Step mats
  • Official VW Key

Birthday gift

I got this sweet T-shirt from my son for my birthday. It’s from GoWesty, the place where I order most of the parts for the camper.

I posted this picture on Facebook as well and received some funny comments. I thought the Pink Floyd reference was obvious, but some of my friends noted the rainbow has other meanings as well.



Someone had replaced the original faucet with a manual pump faucet. It was useful to have water without draining the battery, but it was incredibly tedious to use. Also, you can’t get much done with only one hand in a sink.

I ordered and installed a faucet and electric pump. It was pretty straightforward, but still took about two hours. Everything in the camper components are hard to reach. I tore up my knuckles and got some serious cramps in my knee. Well worth it though, as you can see it’s working!

Of course, it only comes in one temperature – tepid.

Look, no hands. Running water without a pump.
Look, no hands. Running water without a pump.

Bike stold

Last night on my commute home from the city, I discovered some SOB had stolen my bike! I had a really sweet Bianchi that I bought less than a year ago. It was locked up inside the station so I figured it was secure enough. Everything was gone, the bike and the lock, so I have no idea how they got it. Freaking riff-raff.

I’ve never had a bike stolen in all the years I’ve been riding them and locking them up. My next bike is going to have one of those exploding dye packets like banks put in bags of money to thwart thieves.