Shoes and boots

Whether it was combat boots, brogues, or sneakers, the choice was critical in completing the rock uniform. While Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg still sound great, one is wearing street hikers, the other cross-trainers.

Granted, neither of these artists were ever stylish, but they still knew how to dress for their milieu – if you will. The sensible shoes, just reminds me that we’re all getting old.

Take a look…

At least Dave Grohl had the good sense to wear Vans.

Tommy Stinson still knows how to dress.

Innovation Fatigue

TED Talks, Green Ketchup, and now this. There’s a Kickstarter project for something called a smart water bottle. It’s not stupid products that bothers me, it’s the fascination “inventors” have with themselves that’s wearing thin. You don’t need all this fanfare for cranking out something that’s ultimately going to end up on a shelf at Kohl’s or mall kiosk.