BLT – Bacon Lettuce and Tumor

By now, many of us have heard the news that the World Health Organization said something about bacon and cancer. I’m not all that concerned about¬†this news because, well, I never thought bacon was healthy for you in the first place. Cancer, clogged arteries, morbid obesity, take your pick, eat enough of this stuff and something will kill you.

Personally, I don’t think the WHO discovered anything. I think they’re like me and just sick and tired of all the stupid jokes, references, and bacon-flavored this that and the other thing.

Like a normal person, I’ll continue to eat it in moderation and tell no one.


The great California drought is in it’s 4th year, and if you’re to believe the experts, we’re down to our last drops of water. I’m inclined to believe them because we haven’t seen any significant rain in ages. So if that’s the case, I don’t get why anyone would be wasting any water on their lawn.

You don’t have to tell me twice to let the lawn go. I’m not one of those crazy doofuses who live for golf course-like turf in the front yard. Guys that obsess over their yard are just a shell of a man.

Wasting what little water is left on grass is like letting your wife use the last beer in the house for cooking.


It’s been quite a month musically for me. In the course 8 days, I went to 4 different concerts.
Father John Misty Marquee
The first one was Father John Misty down in LA at the Wiltern Theater. We’ve been wanting to see him for a while. His only Bay Area appearance was a festival with 100 bands I didn’t want to see, so we opted to go south instead.


A few days later, I took my daughter to Marina and the Diamonds at the Fox Theater in Oakland. She’s a great performer and her music sounds much better live than in recordings. I went with a buddy and his daughter. It’s good thing too, because I had a flat tire waiting for me at 11:30 pm in downtown Oakland. Not the best place for that.

Luna at the Fillmore

At the last minute another friend of mine pinged me to go see Luna at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I’m not a huge fan of shoe-gazing smug rock, but they kept it together. The audience of decrepit hipsters didn’t age so well.


Lastly, we went to the 29th annual Bridge School Concert. It’s a fundraiser for a very special school started by Neil Young and his ex-wife Pegi. This was our second time, and like last year, it was an eclectic acoustic line up. The biggest surprise for me, was how much I enjoyed Ryan Adams. He’s a prolific songwriter, but he seems like a moody prick. I’ve heard “Give me something good” so many times on XM. But his live, solo acoustic version was much better.