Training Day 23

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. A couple people have said I’m doing too much too so and I think they’re right. The past couple days my right bicep and ligaments behind my knee have been bugging me. It’s nothing major, just muscles that probably haven’t been stretched.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp n/a 60:00

Training Day 22

Logging this one a day late. I missed my usual Spin class at 6 and went to a later one led by the bootcamp instructor from Wednesdays. She really pushed speed in the class. It was the foam roller class after that was pure torture. You’d think with a name like that it would be cushy. But no, it hurt like hell rolling back and forth over the styrofoam logs.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 18 miles 50:00

New set of wheels

Added a new bike to the overcrowded garage. This beauty is a 2016 Specialized Crave 29er hard tail.

My last 29er was a Specialized Rockhopper I bought in May 2011. A month later, I took it to Maine where the front rim got bent just being on the bike rack. I never liked that bike. It always felt cheap. I went against my own advice of buying a cheap bike. I sold it in 2014 to a dude with an ’87 Westy from Marin. That transaction led to us purchasing our own Westy (which the bike is leaning on).

Training Day 21

Feeling a little sore in the knees so I’m going to ramp down some of the more aggressive training. Managed to get in a swim this morning. Hope to go back for more later today.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,000 meters 22:00

Training Day 20

I went to the gym at night because I had another early morning at the office. I find it much harder to get motivated for night workouts, especially after dinner. I soldiered on though and got in a swim and a run.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,000 m 22:00
Run 5 km 24:40


The body shop just called and upon further inspection the car is totaled. They thought they could fix it, but turns out there’s more frame damage. I’m really bummed the car can’t be repaired. It was a great car and I have recommended it to many people over the years I’ve had it. We were one of the first people to order this model when it came out. It took about 6 weeks for delivery.

There’s an interesting backstory for the car. I was working with Car and Driver at the time. The last car they recommended (a Mazda CX-9 over the X-5 and MDX) was spot on. I was driving a lot and wanted something with decent mileage, but still fun to drive. At the time I was considering the Volvo S-60 when one of the editors recommended the new Focus that was coming out. He said it would be more fun to drive, gets way better mileage, and if you could get it fully loaded for less.

He was serious. This model was totally redesigned, and actually looked, well designed. It was more like the model they sold in Europe where the Focus isn’t considered an econo shitbox.

I followed the recommendation and got a fully loaded Titanium trim package. The car looked small on the outside, but had decent room on the inside. Prior to the Focus, I had a G35, and loved that car too. It was a rear wheel drive gas guzzler, but it was fun. I knew I’d have to give up some performance for mileage, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the creature comforts of a decent stereo and leather seats. Fortunately, I didn’t have to.

The Focus did have a more modern entertainment system than the Infiniti. But it was a complete piece of shit at first. The car came with one of the earliest generations of FordSync from Microsoft. For a couple months it malfunctioned and wouldn’t shut off (even when the car was off). After several software upgrades, it finally worked.

Now I’ve lost my Focus. It’s time to start thinking about what to replace it with. It’s possible I might go with another, but I’ll have to see what my options are.




IMG_1985 IMG_1981

Training Day 19

My ride got cut short today by rain. It looked like I had a two hour window, but it closed up about 10 miles in. I ducked under a highway overpass and saw rain to the south and sun to the north, so I rode to the sun. What was supposed to be 35 miles turned into a 20 mile ride.

Went to the gym later in the day with Linda and worked out together. It was pretty cool. I showed her my version of a cross fit routine.

Activity Distance Time
Biking 20.2 1:00:00
Crossfit n/a 25:00


Ben Harper

Just bought tickets to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for an August show. It’s at the Fox, the same theater I took my daughter to see Marina and the Diamonds.

I really wanted to see him again after the Bridge concert this past fall. Even better, he’s playing at one of my favorite venues in the Bay Area.

I assume it’ll be an electric show instead of acoustic since he’s appearing with the band.

Training Day 18

Back in the swing of things today with George’s Insanity boot comp. I think he calls it something else now, like H.I.T.S. It might have something to do with copyrights and IP conflicts. I think it’s hilarious that someone would bother trying to lock up an idea as basic as a workout.

This weekend, I hope to get outside for more activities, I’m tired of being indoors. With El Niño upon us, it might be raining too much.

I hoped to have my new mountain bike by now, but I haven’t had a chance to go get it, and it might not come in now for a couple weeks. My plan was to be riding it this weekend.