Quick afternoon hike

We took Sadie and the Westy out for more off-leash practice at Sycamore Grove. It’s the site of Olivina winery. It was one of the first in California.

One of my Christmas presents, already paid for itself as we had to jump the Westy to get home. I thought it was the starter, but I’m starting to think it’s something to do with the battery.

Sadie found a hole
Old walnut trees
Olive grove


Off the couch ride

I took a break from my sinusitis pity party long enough to squeeze in a ride today. I was getting cabin fever something fierce. We’re really lucky to have such great terrain practically in our backyard. These shots are from my ride. They’re typical of South Livermore, a burgeoning wine region.

Under the bridge
Mountain scar
Arroyo Mocho
Under the bridge
Arroyo Mocho
Del Valle
Trail Ride
My legs ran out before the dam.

After several hours and fussing with servers and settings, I have successfully moved my blog to a new hosting environment.

Upcoming project

My next project is going to be a new dog house for Sadie. My wife found the idea of using a wine barrel on Pinterest (where else).

Sadie’s new home

We found a guy on Craigslist in Newark, CA who resells used barrels he gets from French wineries. The had a great Boston accent and makes fire pits out of the barrels that look really sharp.

Stuffing your Kong

If you have a big dog, you probably have a Kong. It’s this rubber toy that you stuff with food to keep fido busy long enough to do basic activities around the house like upright chairs, and throwout damaged throw pillows.

I never put food in my dog’s bowl anymore because of this thing, I think they’re great. One of the other ways they keep dogs busy is throwing them to get them off of furniture and lit stoves. They bounce all over the place, which keeps them guessing.

The other day, I came across this diagram on how one should go about stuffing their Kong. It’s a bit ridiculous. And reminds me of 7-layer dip. Like every meal for my dog should be a Super Bowl party. Not to mention, if you fed your dog like this all the time, this diagram could also depict an obstructed colon.