I ordered an awning for the Westy yesterday. It’s a really obscure brand called ShadyBoy. Let’s hope the product doesn’t live up to the name. It’s a shorter, encased awning similar to the more expensive Fiammas.

I learned about the ShadyBoy from a guy at The BusLab who had his Westy in for follow up work on a Subaru engine conversion. He wanted his back in time to get up to Burning Man – which, last time I heard was getting rained out.

I first read about Burning Man in Wired magazine in 1992. Both came into prominence about the same time and both seemed really interesting then. Now, it just seems like one big nude beach – a place that sounds titilating, but is actually full of people you don’t want to see naked. I love how people still talk about it like it’s some obscure event. The first one was a couple hundred people. These days, they’re expecting 50,000 plus.

Burning Man is a relic of San Francisco’s weird Mondo 2000 phase. The time after hippies and right before the tech bubble. Do a Google image search on Burning Man and you might think you’ve found outtakes from a Star Wars trilogy, or worse, live reenactments from “Heavy Metal” magazine.

For those who go, I’m sure it’s fun. To each his own I guess, which is part of why I like living out here.