Lean is wearing thin

One of the flawed themes of the 90s Internet Bubble was “traditional laws no longer apply.” Worrying about revenue was an old economy way of thinking. Back then, the conventional wisdom was that one could just buy their customers and way to success.

Today, it’s lean this, or lean that. Cut out everything that doesn’t matter is the prevailing conventional wisdom. Waste is to be avoided at all cost. All we need to erect today’s new empires is a used futon, a laptop, and some free wifi to grift. It’s reached to the point where even thinking is a frill and therefore a waste of time.

I get the value of some austerity, but I still believe you have to spend money to make money.

Business to business spending is integral to the economy. I may be in a shrinking minority, but I feel like Capitalism is at risk if you encourage stinginess at the same time you’re ostensibly trying to make money.